Cinque Terre


Women only - Keen female photographers conquer Italy with the camera! 


La Spezia, Porto Venere, Lerici, Monterosso, Vernazza,
Manarola, Riomaggiore, Corniglia

This photo workshop is for women only. 


The beautiful fishing villages located at the Ligurian Coast in Italy are like five pearls. Colourful houses, breathtaking architecture along the steepest cliffs, small alleys, long stairs, wonderful paths with jaw dropping views over the coast. Cinque Terre is Italy at its best.
We will visit on this 3 day photo tour all the five famous villages (Monterosso, Vernazza, Manarola, Riomaggiore and Corniglia) but of course we won't forget one of the most beautiful village called Porto Venere, of course. Not officially one of the "cinque terre" (five locations), but definitely worth a visit. Our base will be in La Spezia, a nice and non touristic Italian town, from where we can the also discover the area by boat and train. 

The Cinque Terre photo tour will include photography of typical sights, landscape photography, sunrise and sunset shoots and night shoots. The itinerary is flexible allowing for weather and light conditions and can always be adjusted by the group - perhaps to include your favourite sunset spot? This flexibility makes the tours of so very unique and popular. 

Why only for women?

Landscape photography is still a male dominated world. A lot of women feel intimidated in a group full of male photographers and can not live out their creativity fully. 

Women are not the better nor the worse photographers. But they might approach a photo object differently.

In our females only groups we boost your creativity and your self confidence for your photo art. Guided by a female professional photographer and together with other keen female photographers.



3 days

11 - 13 May 2018 (Friday to Sunday)

Lovely time for Cinque Terre with warm weather around 25 C, before the big heat (and the big crowds) arrive 

The dates don't suite you? Ask for a private tour



La Spezia, Porto Venere, Lerici, Monterosso, Vernazza, Manarola, Riomaggiore, Corniglia

We will do sunset shoots at the Ligurian Coast and night shoots of the fishing villages.

(the itinerary is flexible and leaves space for individual wishes and suggestions and will be adapted to weather and light conditions)


Group Size

3-8 female photographers



Beginners, amateurs, (semi)-professionals

All camera types

It is not the quality of your equipment but your attitude towards photography that matters!

Moderate physical fitness. Considerable elevation changes and lots of walking.


"Base Camp"
We will stay and start our day tours in La Spezia, Italy
We will provide you with a list with hotels in La Spezia.
Here you find a selection of hotels in La Spezia



Travel, cityscape, street, architecture and people photography

Professional photographer guide

Entrance fees

Local transportation with boat and train during the photo tour



Does not include

Journey to and from La Spezia


Tips, food and drinks 

Personal expenses

Travel Insurance

Good weather guarantee


You should bring



Filters (optional)

Good foot wear for long walks

Rain Jacket


Price per person

GBP 770,00 (approx. 1010,00 USD or 900,00 EUR)

When you book now, you only have to pay a deposit of 250 GBP, the rest is payable one month before departure.
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Once you booked and your booking is confirmed, we will send you detailed information where we meet.
Approx. one week before departure you will get a detailled itinerary with sample photos and photo advice about composition, settings etc to prepare yourself for the trip.

The tour starts on Friday at 10 am and will end on Sunday at 9 pm.


Travel Information (not included in tour)

Airport Pisa - transfer to La Spezia 1.5 hours by bus and train, 1 hours by car

Airport Genoa - transfer to La Spezia 2 hours by bus and train, 1.5 hours by car

Airport Milan - transfer to La Spezia 4.5 hours by train, 3 hours by car

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You can pay with PayPal or credit card.

See our Terms and Conditions for cancellations.

This tour will guide you to the best places in Cinque Terre, carefully planned for the best light (if weather permits). You will get advice how to capture the best moments, how to compose a photo, how to train your eye to see the best point of views. It will spark your creativity and improve your photographic skills.


The tour will also give you all the freedom and space you need to develop your own creativity and create photos with your personality. You will not feel like you are in a "photo school". Our aim is, that you enjoy yourself and find your own pace for taking your individual "master piece".


There will be no pressure to rush from one location to the next. As we will travel in small groups, we will be highly flexible with our schedule and may always adjust it to the needs and wishes of our individual group.


Do not be worried about bad weather - even in rain we will take interesting and moody photos. There is no bad light - you just have to find the right subjects for rainy photos and we will help you with that.

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